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Revolutionary Showerheads

Crosswater’s Revolutionary Shower-heads


 Want the ultimate spa like experience in your home? Crosswater have produced an array of impressive wellness products that will bring your bathroom into the 21st Century and will certainly turn your daily shower routine into into a modern spa experience. 

Hotel style bathroom design seems to be becoming more and more popular as people seek out modern luxuries, also the demand for innovative wellness products for a luxurious and therapeutic experience at home has been on the rise. Crosswater have combined this style with the importance of well-being and relaxation for an improved showering experience. These new shower nozzles are very advanced offering much better performance and with spray patterns that dispense water more quickly and evenly. As well as brilliant performance these shower nozzles are very easy to clean.

These revolutionary new designs from Crosswater include an ultra-thin wall mounted showerhead called Glide, this shower head has attractive designer looks, it is an enveloping soft shower design. Another is Zion, this is a new chrome brass showerhead, providing the best spray coverage per area. There is also the Rio Revive, it is operated by a remote, with sleek LED lighting and a unique centre rain effect shower, which flows from the centre with a side waterfall.  This collection of illuminating showerheads is a revolutionary LED light showering experience. The low consumption LED lamps create a truly magnificent column of water and light.

The shower heads feature multifunctional spray settings where each water flow channel has its own water supply to conserve water when switched to a reduced flow setting.

These shower heads will give you the feel good experiences, switching between waterfall and rainfall shower functions, which can be operated simultaneously with the Revive design. Hailed by the beauty, medical and health sectors, the benefits of wellness products are known to relieve many physical and emotional ailments from back pain to anxiety. For an invigorating shower and body massage, choose from a selection of powerful body jets with adjustable pressures to target specific areas of the body to alleviate pain.

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