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Bristan Flat 6″ Fixed Shower Rose – Showering Excellence

Shower HeadsThe Bristan Flat 6″ fixed shower rose is the perfect way to shower in luxury. But thankfully without the high price tag often associated with similar products. This Ultra Modern shower head has rub clean jets. These are for ease of cleaning and maintenance, which is a particular benefit if you live in a hard water area. It includes a swivel ball joint so you can easily adjust the angle of this shower head. It is 75mm high including the swivel ball joint and is 150mm in diameter. It will connect to any standard shower arm with a 1/2″ connection.


Shower Head – Choices for your Bathroom

A fixed shower head is now one of the most important features you will choose for your shower or bathroom so lets look at whats available to get the best showering experience for you.


Multi-function shower head choice

If you are looking for an exhilarating shower the a multi-function shower head is for you there are so many out there that you really need to consider what is the right one for you. The spray patterns that are available are massage, mist, pulse, rain, drench, and water saving mode.

Most consumers that purchase a multi-function shower head leave the shower head in the rain patte

reflex 4 mode shower head

rn all of the time, ask your self this question first as a multi-function shower head simply does not perform as well in a rain pattern as a single function shower head.


Single function shower head choice

single function shower headThe single function shower heads are rain or drench pattern only, they are the best at giving a good volume of water which for a practical shower is really what most people desire. They generally operate at lower pressures and can work as low as 0.1 bar pressure and still give you the function required.

There are now many water saving Eco shower heads on the market that will split or atomize the water flow to give a good spray pattern, but higher pressures would be required to obtain the correct function.


Large fixed shower head choice

Previously these were called traditional shower roses available in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and even 12″ diameters you can still get the traditional shower roses and they are great but they have limitations. The water jets are a series of drilled holes that can get lime scaled up easily and they do tend to use a vast amount of water and can either drain all your hot water or if you are on a mains fed system it cannot supply enough water.

350mm contour shower headThe new generation of fixed shower head is both stylish and practical there are some many designs to choose from a round fixed head to square fixed heads, flat chunky you name it, its available to you. The added benefit of choosing a modern designed fixed shower head is that you get a large showering drench head without using a huge volume of water. The way the jets are designed they will always hold back some flow even under pressure, the other main benefit is that you will get rub clean jets and that stop lime scale build up and gives the product durability.

With the large shower Heads you will need to choose either a wall arm of at least 300mm or a ceiling arm to connect to the shower head. By having a large fixed shower head you will need to consider the one down side as is with all fixed heads you will not be able to rinse out or clean the shower enclosure or bath that easily so the addition of a handset is always a good idea so it is worthwhile buying a thermostatic shower valve with a built in diverter so that once you have finished invigorating yourself a quick jet from the handset and your done!!!


Water Saving Showers – Satinjet Awatea from Deva

satinjet water saving shower headDeva have launched the award winning Awatea Satin Jet water saving shower head, what’s new about this eco water saving shower head I hear you ask?

Well its not a simple case of restrictive flow as with most water saving shower heads it is a truly new concept, I first saw this shower head in London at the bathroom show and I was fully impressed with its performance, that’s what makes it different, how it works is by using it’s twin jet technology. The twin jets oppose each other water smashes into the opposing jet stream creating 3000 tiny water droplets per second delivering a wide spray pattern giving a truly drenching feeling. It also encumbers a massage setting if the soft drenching is not suiting your mood the then just switch over with the push button.

Whilst in the water saving mode the handset will only use 9 liters per minute, it is available as both a shower handset and a fixed shower head.

To the indigenous Maori of New Zealand, Awatea means moving from darkness to light, the awakening of a new dawn.


 Led Shower Heads – Rio from Crosswater
Crosswater’s Rio Led Shower head will defiantly impress your guests. A new experience for all with the colored lights appearing to move around the streams of water, It is 400mm in diameter mains powered and comes with an electronic key pad that controls the 96 LED lights with 12 different program modes.

The shower head is made from Chrome plated solid brass and is an ultra thin design and manufactured from the highest specification. It requires 3.0 bar pressure as a minimum pressure.




Large Square Shower Head – Reflect From Crosswater

crosswater 430mm shower headWith this Reflect shower head from Crosswater set a new design standard, manufactured to the highest quality brass with chrome plating it delivers the ultimate in modern, minimalist design that will not only grace your new bathroom or shower room but provide a centerpiece that offers a luxurious showering experience.

At 300 x 430mm it will wow the shower user and at only 4mm thick its slimline design you will be the envy of all who grace the bathroom or wet-room of your dreams.

You will need at least 2.0bar pressure to get the best function out of this shower head.


Large Shower Heads – Power to your Wet Room

600mm shower head I think this 600mm Shower head is large enough even if you are lucky enough to have the right space to do it justice, for a 600mm in diameter shower head you would need at least a 1.2m wide shower area to make it sit well in the wet room environment.

At only 4mm thick this sleek shower head is the ultimate in minimalism, it can be fitted with a ceiling arm or mounted up close to the ceiling.
600mm shower head

As shower heads go there are not many that will cover both your head and shoulders at the same time.


Arty Shower Head

the artist shower columnCrosswater have the Artist shower heads to entice you in to the shower, its a piece of art in its own right the chrome chandelier of shower heads connecting directly into the ceiling or decorating the wall as a column as a novel art installation in your shower space.

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