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Kohler Numi – The High Tech Toilet

Kohler Numi – The High Tech Toilet


The Kohler Numi Toilet is not your average toilet. It is Kohler’s most advanced toilet, and will do just about everything for you. However the Kohler Numi does not come cheap, but if you can afford the £3,900 price tag you’ll be immersed in the finest personal comfort and cleansing available in the toilet market.

Numi ToiletThis toilet is not just a novelty, it is striking in its form and design with unrivaled water efficiency.

Numi has an extensive list of excellent features, it comes complete with a self-opening and closing lid, providing a hygienic alternative to touching the toilet seat. Numi has a self-cleaning bidet with adjustable controls for temperature and water pressure. It includes heating elements for comfort, so you’ll never want to stand up. There is an illuminated panel, to liven up your bathroom. You’ll have a built-in speaker system that connects to a remote docking station. Also a deodorizing element that sucks air from the bowl through a charcoal filter.

Of course, this technological feat would not be complete without a touchscreen, obviously. The Numi’s no exception; it has a touch panel remote that you can use to set to your specifications. Toileting will never be the same again.

This is not a one off for Kohler, they will be adding new features and improving the technology, so in the future I wouldn’t be surprised if it also made you a coffee in the morning. In the modern world it is possible to upgrade this toilet by plugging in a USB so you won’t need to buy a new toilet every now and then to keep up with the trend.

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