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Helix Cross Bathroom Taps


Helix Cross Bathroom Taps

Helix Cross bathroom taps have a minimal tubular design with neat cross head handles that are stylish and functional which is why they sell so well in today’s bathroom market.

The designs available in the Helix bathroom taps range are as follows, for choices of Basin mixers you have the monobloc basin mixer with small spout (pictured right), a three hole wall mounted basin mixer, a three hole deck mounted basin mixer.

There are of course both pairs of Helix basin taps and Helix bath taps.

For the bath there are also a good range of choices to be had starting with the Bath fillers where you get a choice of two versions with different sized spouts a larger and a smaller spout, you can also use the wall mounted 3 hole bath filler or a deck mounted 3 hole bath filler, there is even the ability to use there deck mounted side bodies and a overflow bath filler with the use of the Helix Cross free flow bath filler overflow.

For bath shower mixers you could use the two standard options of a small spout bath shower mixer or the large spout bath shower mixer, the last option for bath shower mixers is the four hole bath shower mixer where you have a hot and cold deck side body with a spout that has a built in diverter to change over from the bath spout to the shower handset with pull out hose.

Helix Cross thermostatic triple shower valveShowering with the Helix Cross thermostatic showers is full of options as well, you have both oval and square back plates on offer to choose from. The recessed dual control shower valve with square back plate is the best selling option, then there is the same dual control valve with a built in diverter to use with two outlets, the triple shower valve (shown left) is designed to be able to control two outlets at the same time.


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