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Heated Towel Rails!

Heated Towel Rails!

Heated towel rails! A heated towel rail has a function but its form is also important. Consumers want a certain look but concerns over whether that look will heat up the room, well this is where we can make compromises.

Heated Towel Rails!

When choosing a heated towel rail remember stainless steel towel rails will give you the best heating output for their size. Also the best durability! As they cannot rust. Whereas chrome heated towel rails are generally chrome on mild steel which will hold in as much as 25% of the possible heat output generated. It’s a bit like wrapping tin foil around it to hold in the heat.  They are also prone to rotting from the inside out.  Chrome colored towel rails are also prone to rusting they do give off a better heating output and are invariably cheaper.

If you choose to supplement your heated towel rail then you will have much more design choice, as you can have, rather than a large rail that is going to be hard to fit into the desired space, a neat and compact rail that is doing what towel rails are designed to do warm/dry towels. To use a secondary form of heating your towel rail is generally a good idea as you will be able to dry your towels in the spring/summer/autumn when you might not want the whole central heating system on. You would need a dual fuel kit which in the heating element will have a thermostat to keep the towel rail at the correct temperature.

Electric Heated Towel Rails

Where you do not have a water based central heating system you can use an electric towel rail.  With an electric rail it is advisable to use either a timer and/or an override switch which would need to be fitted.

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