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Fever Pitch Causes Extra Time In The Shower

By Emma Cox

Everyone here at Mira Showers is cheering England on this June in Brazil! We were wondering how all these star athletes recuperate and enjoy their shower post-match.

It is estimated that the ideal shower time is approximately 4 minutes, which equates to an average of 40 litres being used per shower. We have worked out that after each of the 62 games from the 12th June to the 13th July, 35 men will want a shower, including the important referee’s! This work’s out as 1,400 litres of water being used post match and a grand total of 86,800 litres consumed throughout the whole tournament!Footballwarmdown 2014

Having played a stressful match, it’s important to get the most out of your shower experience, and in a 4 minute shower there are easy ways to help you relax. Our friends at Cheltenham Town FC have highlighted 5 stretches specifically designed for your time in the shower, to help you unwind and balance muscle tension! See how you can put them into practice with our infographic at the bottom of the post.

To make your shower experience really the best it can be following an afternoon of building up a sweat, then turn your attention to technology. The Mira Magni-Flo™ technology in our mixer showers creates the ultimate showering experience by optimising the waterways, delivering up to three times more flow than other mixer showers! Alternatively, try the Mira Sport Max featuring Airboost™, a world first in flow boosting technology. At just a touch of a button this innovative technology gives a sensational spray experience. We’ve designed everything around water so you can create a moment when the world can wait and you can have your perfect shower.

How do you recuperate after a big game or whether it’s tough session at the gym? Do you have any innovative ideas to enhance your shower? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a message in the comments section below or on our Facebook page or tweet us @mirashowers. We would love to hear from you.


4 minute shower on average uses 40 litres.

Each squad contains 23 men, with 15 men at any time playing/on the bench. If each team has 15 men playing/on bench, there are 2 teams = 30 plus match officials

Each game also consists of 5 match officials (referee, 2 linesmen, 2 goal line) = 5

So after any game, 35 men will want a shower.

Each game will use: 1,400 litres (35men x 40litres)

Tournament will use: 86,800 litres (1,400 litres x 62games)

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