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Dornbracht present a new bathroom magazine

Dornbracht Bathroom MagazineDornbracht Bathroom a new magazine offer inspiration for the bathroom.

Dornbracht Bathroom” demonstrates the holistic approach of the new “Culturing Life” brand claim. Technology and health consciousness are harmonised, while smart water applications improve the quality of life.

The brand claim represents the vision of simplifying yet intensifying life by providing individualised product and system solutions. It was 2013 when Dornbracht introduced this visionary claim, laying the foundation for consistent enhancement of its product portfolio with specifically coordinated applications such as the Foot Bath.

“‘Culturing Life’ is the pioneering driving force for a new understanding of bathroom and spa culture,” explains Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht. “The magazine provides impetus and orientation and is an important next step in making the ‘Culturing Life’; experience even more vivid.”

The magazine layout reflects the intensive examination of bathroom requirements. At the focus of attention are an overview of all the Dornbracht design series, and the brand’s areas of expertise – Transforming Water, Performing Water and Smart Water. The artistic and cultural claim is reflected in the documentation of the Culture Projects. Dornbracht initiates this series of cultural events in collaboration with artists, designers or philosophers, continually giving rise to new discourse, ideas and inspiration, to be included in the development of product concepts. The development of ritual architecture, for example, was significantly influenced by observing the different actions and rituals of cleansing.

Each section starts with questions designed to encourage readers to reflect on what they really want. How does water affect how we feel? What happens when rituals define and design our spaces and rooms? How do the different zones in the bathroom have to be furnished in order to meet my personal requirements?

The article “My bathroom” provides one possible answer. It defines the essence of a new and individual bathroom architecture by “Sampling”, a modular concept that involves combining applications, outlets and controls across designs and series. Dornbracht is so far the first manufacturer to offer “Sampling” for the bathroom and spa and the “Online Product Advisor”, a new service tool for bathroom planners on, takes you through the Dornbracht product portfolio, making it easy to configure applications for washbasin, shower and bath, as required by the customer.
“Dornbracht Bathroom” brings the Dornbracht brand environment to life in a most impressive way and is an important component of the new guiding principle – in keeping with the “Culturing Life” claim. The magazine is available now and can be ordered or downloaded at

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