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Bathroom Mirrors – HIB Vinni

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HIB Re-chargeable LED Mirror – Vinni

HIB have designed a great solution for those wanting a mirror with lights, but do not have a good electrical power source in the room. This isHib Rechargable Mirrors the Vinni (Right).

The Vinni is part of HIB’s original range of three rechargeable LED mirrors. Each of the mirrors have a removable 6 cell rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack neatly slides out of the side of the LED mirror from a discreet slot. It is recharged using the supplied battery charger.

The Vinni is relatively simple and labour light when it comes to installation. This is because it does not require being plugged into a permanent power source and therefore does not need any deceptive attempts to hide cables. All that needs to be done in installation is wall mounting.

The battery life of the Vinni is 30 – 35 hours. LED lights tend to be maintenance free and are also low energy, so cheaper to run. Due to its discreet removable battery pack this is a fantastic solution to the cost of electricians wiring in a power source and the possible damage to your home that running cables can do.

The HIB Vinni is moderately sized at 70cm high and 50 cm wide. It has LED lights on both sides and on the top of the mirror. The other two HIB Rechargeable mirrors are the  HIB Henry which is 50cm high and 80cm wide with 7 LED lights left and right. The HIB Oliver is 60cm high and 45 cm wide with 6 LED lights left and 6 LED lights on the right.

This unique design is available at for £268.80 and they offer a 1 year guarantee. This short guarantee may evoke some questions as to this products durability.


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  1. Natalie max, August 23, 2013 2:50 pm - Bathroom Mirrors – HIB Vinni

    Really very nice mirror, I do not think so that it is so costly. And it can be fixed easily. I can order it for my bathroom if it’s not costly.

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