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Bathroom Cabinets – All you need to know

Bathroom Cabinets

 You can get wall hung bathroom cabinets in many different finishes and styles.  Sometimes it can be difficult to make the right choice. In this article we will be discussing the various finishes available to you and what you should look out for when buying bathroom cabinets to find quality, durability and design.bathroom cabinets

Wood Bathroom Cabinets, are they really wood?

Wood style bathroom cabinets are rarely real wood finishes. In fact most are a thin laminate layer, on top of MDF (medium density fibre). Laminate durability in wetter areas of the bathroom is not great as de-lamination as a result of a damp environment is always possible on the joints and edges of the cabinet.

Colour finishes including matt and high gloss

These are the most often sold bathroom cabinet. These cabinets are mostly MDF with sprayed finishes.  White high gloss is the typical and the mass market product. The spray finish quality is the critical thing for a long lasting cabinet. There are special types of paint used in the bathroom industry. Not just a standard off the shelf tin.

Steel Bathroom Cabinets

These are becoming more popular recently as we have been flooded with many far eastern imports. These are very cheap now but buyers be ware these are not stainless steel as some are sold. The best way to check is to use a magnet, if it sticks it is not stainless steel. It is steel and will rust eventually.

Aluminium Bathroom Cabinets

I find that aluminium is a very robust material for making bathroom cabinets.  You get strength, durability and it looks good! I have not yet come up against any pit falls in the design.  Although they do to cost more than some of the other designs. I feel the extra cost is worth it.

Mirrored doors

You can get most of the above styles with mirrored fronts.  The mirror can be both double and single sided glass.  Buying a double sided mirror door gives the added ability of being able to see yourself from various angles.



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