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An Eco Friendly Bathroom

Simple Tips & Gadgets That Will Save You Water

The kitchen is the main electricity consumer in the home but the bathroom is an area of the home where another precious resource is consumed: water, and in great amounts; power showers use twice as much as an ordinary shower however an either bigger consumer is the bath, a full bath uses up to 80 litres of water whereas a 5-minute normal shower uses about 35 litres.

Eco Tap

For these fairly obvious reasons, much of our water consumption happens in the bathroom so if we can avoid wastage and save water here, then we can make a large difference in our overall  home water usage, so your Eco-continence is clear and if we are on a meter, that means saving money too.

Water Efficiency

There are many simple gadgets that can help us save water and lower our water bills; fitting taps and showers with water saving devices can make a big difference  and many of these can be fitted without the need of a plumber.

Taps can be easily converted from a normal water flow into a spray; while showers can be restricted to generate a higher pressure, allowing the mains water pressure to be turned down.

By saving water in the bathroom we can make a large difference in water consumption and are not only helping the environment, but as increasing numbers of us are using water meters, we can save ourselves money too.

A water saving device

Preventing Waste

A lot of the water we waste in the bathroom is actually unnecessary; leaving the tap on whilst brushing your teeth, is all too easy to do; as is lingering in the shower too long. Shower timers are a great way of making sure we don’t get carried away in the morning and you can even get children’s shower timers so the kids can learn the importance of water saving too.

If you are in a hard-water area softening the water can also help you to save water as baths, toilets and sinks become easier to clean. Water softeners and eco-balls for toilets, that soften the water using magnets, will prevent the scum marks and lime-scale from building up.

Use the Bathroom Home Directory to find a local showroom and remember to ask what products are going to save water wastage. 

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